What is a book trailer

The essentials for a booktrailer

The essentials for a booktrailer

For writers, developing their first work is one of the most complex tasks to undertake. Not satisfied with the edition, correction of style and layout, it is also necessary to spread it. Traditional publishers do an excellent job of this; however, there is no doubt that it is unavoidable to take advantage of the transmission and distribution channels that technology offers.

Social networks play a fundamental role when it comes to promoting a literary work. It would be a waste not to use them as another marketing tool. From this premise arises the concept of booktrailer: a book presented for presale through the use of audiovisual tools.

What is a booktrailer

In the digital world, video has become the favorite format. 70% of companies report brand growth thanks to this medium. That is why it is a key resource for the promotion of a modern literary work. Hence, proposals such as that of the bookstagrammers and booktubers are being so successful.

Now a booktrailer es precisely this: the visual presentation of a book through audiovisual channels. This is the same strategy that filmmakers use to spread a movie. The innovative style is based on telling the synopsis of the story using the seasoning of the aforementioned resources, in order to capture attention and attract a wider audience.

The acceptance of the format has been enormous, and can be evidenced in the thousands of Internet users that are achieved after each well-executed campaign.

Categories book trailers

There are various ways and skills to present a physical book. Likewise, There are several modalities that can be used to create a booktrailer. Channels like YouTube tik tok or Instagram are usually good examples of the massive dissemination of an audiovisual product.

As already said, this is no coincidence. Videos help business owners find 66% more leads. Additionally, 44% of the population is more likely to buy an item after watching a video. Thus, it is necessary to know the most recurrent classification of the teasers for literary works.

Do it yourself!: how to steal the cameras

If the author does not have the support of a professional to develop his booktrailer, he can do it by yourself. The success of this strategy depends on the charisma and the ease with which the idea is presented.

You may well stand in front of a camera, and read one of the most interesting passages in your book—without revealing the plot. Another technique is to display printed material. Readers will always judge a work by the quality of its cover.a, and the more striking it is, the better you can take advantage of this resource.

Hands on acting: welcome to the theater!

What is a book trailer?

What is a book trailer?

Another interesting style to display a booktrailer is through theatrical representation of history. Visually recreating the most attractive characterization, settings and sequences of the work is of great value to the public.

It is easier to plunge into the plot with the performance of real people, capable of bringing the main characters to life. Also you can resort to showing a looping video that is related to the events of the story.

Interview with the writer

It consists of recording a conference where the viewer —and future reader— is revealed the points that the author wants to make visible and share to attract attention. Usually, all you need is a camera, and someone to act as the interviewer. Then, it goes through post-production, and the least convenient sections are edited or removed.

Animated story synopsis

This proposal It is, perhaps, the most complex on the list. However, it could also be the most creative. It is about creating a storyboard, that is: a sequence of illustrations that will serve as a guide to understand the story. To carry it out, you can use digital programs such as Adobe animate, Blender or Visme. 

How to do an booktrailer to promote a book

Considering the benefits that come with it, it's easy to assume that creating an audiovisual presentation is expensive. This does not have to be traumatic. The only essential to develop a booktrailer is to have a video editing program. Among the software that stands out in the market we have: Adobe Premier or Da Vinci, for computers, or Capcut and Filmora, for smartphones with Android or iOS.

To design a booktrailer, it is necessary to carefully select the video style, the musical curtain and the conglomerate of images that will be part of the exhibition. As with the development of a manuscript, the teaser It must be creative, original and genuine. After all, it is the prelude to the literary work he is talking about.

editing comes first

a book trailer it is usually short. If it exceeds two minutes, the audience is likely to lose interest. In the same order, you must have an audiovisual editing program like those mentioned above.

Likewise, you can use Final Cut Proo a iMovie, in case the author is a Mac user—. On the internet it is possible to find free software for beginners, and YouTube is a great source of tutorials to learn how to handle them.

Music and setting

The way audio is used can make the difference between impact and oblivion. If you do not have the resources to pay the rights to a song, it is best to go to copyright-free music banks. Developing a book trailer with restricted material can lead to legal difficulties.

Sources like Mixkit or YouTube Audiolibrary-Channel are excellent to get themes musical free of copyright. They contain thousands of free compositions, and many others that can be accessed by paying a small amount.

photography is pictures

A similar fact occurs with images. Most photographers or graphic designers protect their product through the copyright. En este sentido, it is interesting to outline the idea of ​​taking original photos of the work —which will give identity to the presentation—, or access royalty-free image banks, where high-definition material can be found. Some popular free banking options are Pexels and Unsplash.

Other Recommendations

  • Video is a means of promotion, not an end in itself. Ideally aim for the popularity of the book, do not shade it through the booktrailer;
  • The audiovisual material must allude to the plot, do not break it down;
  • Necessary include job details, such as the names of the book, the author and the publisher;
  • El booktrailer can be used to promote essays, cookbooks, or other type of written content.
  • In addition to uploading the promo to video platforms, it is necessary to post it and spread it through other channels., such as reading groups on social networks.

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