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Rome is me

Rome is me

Rome is me It is the first volume of the series Julius Caesar, a collection of historical novels written by award-winning Spanish linguist, philologist, and author Santiago Posteguillo. The work was published in 2022 by Ediciones B | B for Books. After its release, the book has only accumulated positive reviews, especially from readers, who are waiting for other installments.

2022 was a very exciting period for lovers of historical literature. An example of this was the departure of Rome is me, novel through which Santiago Posteguillo began a series focused on the figure of Julius Caesar, and which, as confirmed by the author, promises at least five more books, which will be released in the coming years.

Synopsis of Rome is me

The defender of a supplicating Rome

The novel is set in Rome, in the year 77 BC. c. At that time, Dolabella, one of the cruelest senators in the metropolis, was going to be tried for corruption —although there were many more crimes attributed to this man—. To avoid conviction, the infamous man hired some of the best lawyers in the region. In addition to this, he bought off the jury and, if that were not enough, he had everyone terrified.

His character and reputation had managed to implant irrevocable fear in people. Likewise, Dolabella He was known for using violence against those who stood up to him. or they opposed him in some way. No person dared to be the prosecutor, until, against all good judgment, a young patrician of barely twenty-three years old agreed to carry out the prosecution.

The world of a young boy named Julius Caesar

Against all odds, the boy was determined to defend Rome, stand up to Dolabella and challenge the power of the city's elites. The name of that tenacious and unknown lawyer was Gaius Julius Caesar.. There are characters who, even without knowing it, were born to change the history of the world. Likewise, there are moments that transform these characters, and this is the story about one of them.

Rome is me tells the extraordinary events that marked the destiny of Julius Caesar, who would become one of the most important emperors of Western civilization. However, before becoming a cultural icon, Caius was just a man, and one who also belonged to a noble family, but lived in the best house in the poorest area of ​​the Eternal City.

An unfortunate family sin

Much is known about the military and political exploits of Julius Caesar, but there are few historical records about his life before glory and fame, when he was a simple lawyer in Rome. This is where Santiago's pen comes in. posteguillo, who, through arduous research and great imagination, It describes in detail ancient Rome and the political intricacies.

At the same time, recreates the life of Caesar from his early years, which results in an entertaining novel, full of action, romance, conspiracies, battles, betrayals, politics and history. Through this work, it is possible to know what the love relationship between Julius Caesar and Cornelia, his first wife, may have been like. In this way, you can understand what man was like before the myth.

How does the story become a novel?

En Rome is me, Santiago Posteguillo combines great narrative mastery with impressive historical rigor. Thanks to this, the author manages to immerse the reader in the heat of battles, and makes him walk through the most dangerous streets of the West while the senators' hitmen lurk around every corner.

Continuation of the story of Julius Caesar in damn rome

In 2023, Editions B | B for Books brought back the series with damn rome. On this occasion, the author immerses himself in the classical era to continue telling the troubled life of Julius Caesar. For it, addresses one of the most complex times the monarch had to go through: his exile by his enemies. However, the flatness of his military skills is demonstrated here.

In this relentless story, the writer describes pirate attacks, the confrontation with Spartacus in the slave rebellion, great battles in which it is possible to feel the smell of blood and the roar of gladiators. Likewise, there is talk of Caesar's adventures to achieve political power and even the birth of Queen Cleopatra on the banks of the Nile is told.

About the Author

Santiago Posteguillo Gómez was born in 1967, in the province of Valencia, Spain. His literary career began at a very young age. Already in adolescence he was interested in crime novels. Nevertheless, His childhood had been marked by a visit to Rome, where he learned the history of the ancient Eternal City., and fell in love with its characters, landscapes and art. Apparently, her destiny was written.

He studied Philology and Languages ​​at the University of Valencia, as well as Creative Literature at Denison University, in Granville, Ohio, United States and Linguistics and Translation in Great Britain. Although he can live comfortably due to the millions of books he has sold, the author states that he loves teaching classes, which fuel his contact with youth and new ideas.

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  • Africanus: the consul's son (2006);
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  • The assassins of the emperor (2010);
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  • Best Historical Novelist Hislibris (2009);
  • Cartagena Historical Novel Week Award (2010);
  • Historical Literature Prize (2013);
  • Valencian Literature Award (2010);
  • Onda Cero Literature Prize (2018);
  • Planet Award (2018);
  • Ivanhoe Award (2020).

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