November 9 by Colleen Hoover

November 9 Colleen Hoover

November 9 by Colleen Hoover, is the latest book that the international author has published in 2024. It corresponds to the second book in the It ends with us series, and it was one of her most anticipated books.

But What is November 9 about? Should I read the previous book first? What opinions have you gotten? All that and a few more things is what we want to talk to you about below.

Synopsis of November 9 by Colleen Hoover

November 9 has been published in Spain on April 10, 2024. And although not much time has passed, the fact that she is already an established author has made many start reading the almost 400-page novel and finish it in matter of days.

Regarding the argument, We once again have a romantic novel in which we are introduced to two protagonists who have an annual date. But, perhaps within that quote, there is something more.

We leave you its synopsis:

«An unforgettable love story between a writer and his unexpected muse, by the author of Breaking the Circle. Colleen Hoover, an unstoppable phenomenon.
Fallon and Ben meet by chance when their lives are changing. She is about to settle in New York in the hopes of fulfilling her dream and becoming a theater actress, and Ben wants to be a writer. They cross paths like two shooting stars, but the intensity of what they share leads them to set an annual date, on November 9, so as not to forget each other. Fallon then becomes Ben's inspiration, his muse. At each annual meeting she obtains material to continue writing, and the two explain their lives to each other. Until on one of the dates Fallon begins to doubt what Ben tells her, is it possible that she has invented a fictional life? And why would he do something like that?
«Don't be too hard on me, Fallon. I have a fragile heart."

Of course, as we told you before, November 9 It is the second in the series It ends with us. The previous book is Starting Over and the characters are totally different. Which means that they can be read independently. Now, Starting Over is a continuation of a previous book, although it is not within the series. That book is Breaking the Circle.

Reviews and opinions

Although the book has only been on the literary market for a month, the truth is that there are many opinions and criticisms about it. Here we leave you some of them:

«A highly recommended story. This author always engages, and I found this book very nice, I didn't start it with much hope but then I couldn't stop. It has made me laugh, angry and almost almost cry. It's very hard but very special. It has several twists that change everything and you go through many phases of feelings towards the characters. I won't say more to avoid spoilers, I just encourage you to read it, it's worth it. Be careful, if you read Ugly Love first, there are cameos that spoil that book.

«It leaves you with a good taste in your mouth and wanting more.
It very rarely happens to me because few books manage to do it, but this book has managed to make me lose my attention at no time. It absorbs you and catches you from minute 1. Highly recommended.

«There is something so compulsively readable about Coho's books and I continue to get sucked in... and yet my reading experiences with his books are tremendously varied.
And after finishing this book that I didn't really enjoy, I found myself wondering what the "difference" is between the books she writes that I enjoy and don't enjoy. Because she definitely has a formula! and I think I'm starting to analyze it.
It all comes down to who you are and you are not willing to put up with it. The twists in Hoover's books are always meant to make you think about morality and choice. And a big part of your enjoyment of his books comes down to what you're willing to overlook or how you choose to interpret things. For example, in one of his books (not this one), the theme is cheating and there is a twist around it. Are you willing to overlook the deception because of the twist or is it still unforgivable?
Of the books I've read about her and liked, I liked the twists and the resulting "message." That really wasn't the case here. In fact, love does not conquer all.

«Now that I've had a couple of days to think about this, I need to lower my grade. "Some of the things Ben said or did were not okay and should not be shown to be acceptable in the books."

As you can see, the truth is that there are opinions for all tastes. In Spain, the book is triumphing. But the truth is, Whether we talk about opinions in its native country or elsewhere, the book is receiving criticism due to the aspects and facts that occur (which we are not going to reveal) and which should not be normalized.

Colleen Hoover, the author of November 9

About Colleen Hoover we can tell you that she was born in 1979 and that she resides in Texas, where she is a very successful writer. Focuses on youth and romantic novels and since she was little she has liked to write. In fact, she says that from the age of five she wrote, but It was not until 2012 that he published his first novel Amor en verse. This made everyone notice her and she was able to dedicate herself completely to literature since each book that comes out is a guaranteed success.

Many of his novels have been translated into other languages.

Works by Colleen Hoover

The truth is that, if you like Colleen Hoover, you are going to read her, although many of his books have not yet been published in Spain and are only in English. But the complete list of them is the following:

  • Love in verse series
    • love in verse
    • Point of Retreat
    • this girl
    • Father's Kiss, short story from the Amor en Verso series (2014)
  • Hopeless Series
    • Touching the sky (Hopeless)
    • losing hope
    • Finding Cinderella, Hopeless short story
  • Maybe Series
    • Maybe tomorrow
    • Maybe Not
    • Maybe Now (2018), sequel to Maybe Tomorrow.
  • It ends with you series
    • Break the circle (It Ends With Us)
    • November 9th
  • Never, Never. Trilogy with Tarryn Fisher (in Spain the book Never, Never covers all three)
  • Without Merit
  • ugly love
  • He confesses
  • Too Late
  • All Your Perfects
  • Verity. The shadow of deception
  • Regretting You
  • Heart Bones
  • Layla
  • All das Ungesagte zwischen uns
  • Reminders of Him
  • Start over (It Starts With Us)

Have you read November 9? What do you think?

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