It turns out that it is not little: Nieves Concostrina

It turns out that it is not a little

It turns out that it is not a little

It turns out that it is not a little is a compilation volume of historical events written by the award-winning Spanish journalist and author Nieves Concostrina. The work, inspired by the radio program of the same name, was published on November 22, 2023 by La Esfera de los Libros, with four editions to date, which speaks of its success and appreciation by readers. .

History is not always easy to study, much less easy to say that it is entertaining to do so. But Nieves Concostrina found a pleasant way to talk about the past, even those dark recesses that have been sweetened with an “official version” to avoid the scrutiny and scandal to which its protagonists would be exposed.

Synopsis of It turns out that it is not a little

The unusual, funny and strange story

This book compiles some of the most bizarre anecdotes in history, at least, from the Anglo-Saxon use of the word. Through short chapters and with a very marked sense of humor, Concostrina Snow recounts cases such as the explosion of the body of Pope Pius XII, the ravings of several kings, the princes who traveled incognito through Madrid, the disappearance of certain fake cooks and nuns.

Furthermore, other stories that converge are those of a famous rebound Nobel Prize winner, an unearthed marquis and an invasion of virgins. The author's biting and ironic style gives the narrative an intimate tone.. It is as if Nieves became an eccentric aunt who places her nephews in a gigantic circle to tell them, as gossip, the uncomfortable truths of society.

Summary of the first three chapters It turns out that it is not a little

Pius XII or the plague of the smell of holiness

The chapter It begins by remembering October 11, 1958, the day Pius XII exploded. During his lifetime, the pope was known for being an ally of the Nazis and not providing support to victims who turned to the protection of the Catholic church. His fatal existence caused many to celebrate the fact that Riccardo Galeazzi Lisi, his family doctor, thought to get creative with his embalming methods.

Until not long ago, It was believed that Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus prepared the body of Jesus with myrrh, aloe and oil of spikenard so that he would smell good when he was resurrected. Over the years, a rumor spread that holy men smelled good even after death. So Galeazzi Lisi wrapped the pope in plastic and filled him with aromatic plants, but this only accelerated the pontiff's decomposition.

Cayo Julio, the pertur

In the next chapter, The author takes the reader to January 24, 41, in Rome, to present some truths and myths. about Gaius Julius, better known to the entire world as Caligula. Who would become a crazed monster, he grew up as a charming child in the camps run by his father, Emperor Germanicus, but this did not last long.

When Caligula was seven years old, his father was murdered, and his mother and siblings were exiled., causing his death. Thus, the little “little boot” ended up in the hands of Tiberius, a regent accused of being cruel, a pedophile, a pervert and a torturer. Under his tutelage, the heir developed a terrible personality that would be recognized in the future as one of the worst men in history.

Double key to the Cid's tomb

On this occasion, Nieves Concostrina reconstructs the myth of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, better known as Cid Campeador thanks to the Song of Mio Cid, a literary construction that was taken as true to link the image of a military leader who used to work for the highest bidder before the Iberian lands were unified into what is now Spain, that is: more than a thousand years ago.

It is not that Rodrigo Díaz was not an excellent strategist and a very skilled man, but that He was not the hero that the writers of the story want the readers to see., who go around repeating speeches that have no way of verifying themselves. This results in the protagonist's most amazing feats becoming a mythology suspended in time.

Table of contents It turns out that it is not a little

  • The murder of Inés de Castro;
  • Three sad Trastámaras behind the throne;
  • The germ of the communal revolt;
  • Paco Pizarro and Paco Atahualpa;
  • Servetus against the three in one;
  • Infant Cardinals: Catholic Monarchist Shenanigans;
  • The Surrender of Breda;
  • The Spanish match: two assholes in trouble;
  • The first great English onion;
  • Philip V, a batracian on the throne;
  • The Spanish plan to extinguish the gypsies;
  • The suicide of chef Vatel;
  • Cabrera, the first concentration camp;
  • The silver urinal of His Majesty Joseph I;
  • Cortes of Cádiz: women, no;
  • The Persian Manifesto;
  • Marijose, third wife of the mastuerzo;
  • Sister Patrocinio, the biggest fraud in the kingdom;
  • Maximilian of Mexico;
  • Leopold II, the butcher king of the Belgians;
  • The penultimate samurai;
  • The "fire" that destroyed the Prado Museum;
  • Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing, geniuses and victims;
  • Let them take away the Nobel Prize from Echegaray!
  • The Duel of the Marquis of Pickman;
  • The command of spiritualism;
  • Picasso, artist and musician;
  • The founding myth of Israel;
  • From Constantinopolitans to Istanbulites;
  • The chief sorcerer's crusade against cinema;
  • The emu genocide;
  • Invasion of virgins;
  • The massacre on the Málaga Almería highway;
  • The two weddings of Miguel Hernández;
  • Franco and the bishops at hand;
  • Elvis and his pelvis rise to fame;
  • Onassis and Jackie, the unbearable wedding;
  • The Watergate case and Eme Punto Rajoy;
  • The Mishima Seppuku;
  • Picasso, the posture of a dead man with a cape;
  • A heart attack pope and a heart attack beatification;
  • The transition, that wolf in sheep's clothing;
  • The Rocío farce: another censored truth;
  • The Extremaduran "cacicada" of Rodríguez Ibarra and a murder in Andalusia;
  • The Golden Fleece milonga;
  • The relics are in decline;
  • The abandonment of the Negro of Banyoles;
  • Ukraine, the never-ending conflict;
  • Popes no longer die as God commands;
  • Bibliography and sources consulted.

About the author

Nieves Concostrina Villarreal was born on August 1, 1961, in Madrid, Spain. He studied Journalism, and began his career in Diary 16 y entre 1982 1997. Later, she worked in television in Antena 3 y Via Digital, where he collaborated with Jesús Hermida, Mercedes Milá and Pepe Navarro. He directed a space about death called Dust You Are, broadcast in radio 5.

Today, participate in the program The Window of the Chain Being where he is in charge of the section “It happens, which is not little”. Right there, since 2015, it has had its own historical broadcast called Any time past was earlier, co-directed with Jesús Pozo.

Other books by Nieves Concostrina

  • Dust You Are (2008);
  • Little stories of history (2009);
  • …And to dust you shall return, the epitaph photo book (2010);
  • Dust you are II. Illustrated deaths of humanity (2011);
  • The one of San Quintín was armed (2012);
  • Antonia (2014);
  • Little Quijostorias (2016);
  • Imperfect past (2018);
  • History in trouble (2021);
  • Any time past was earlier (2021);
  • It turns out that it is not a little (2023)

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