7 books about Julius Caesar on the anniversary of his birth

Irish actor Ciarán Hinds as Julius Caesar for the television series Roma, from HBO. The phrase is from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar saw the light in Roma el July 13, 100 before Christ (according to the most accepted date), so a new anniversary of his birth is commemorated. It is one of the greatest characters of human history and we have all read, seen and heard something about it. And luckily we can still read him.

Who studied that baccalaureate of pure letters we learned the first notions of Latin with that Gallia est omnis divisa in parts threeDe of Of beautiful Galico, Gallic war. And many children will be learning to read with the adventures and misadventures of poor Julio with those irreducible Gauls of Asterix and Obelix. But let's review these 7 books of the many writings about him as the protagonist and historical figure or as character of novels and plays.

Let's start with the most classic ones.

Parallel lives - Plutarch

The biographies of this volume are part of the work of this Greek historian and philosopher where he pays homage to Greece and Rome. Thus, it contrasts with a great greek character with another roman. Plutarco narrates these lives from his childhood and training until his death. He composes the historical data also by drawing a psychological portrait of the characters that preserves a moral intention.

Life of the divine Julius Caesar - Suetonium

The historian Suetonio Tranquilo Key (c. 69-140 AD) was born when the Flavian dynasty came to power. He worked in Rome most of his life and was in the service of the emperor Trajan. Later, and as secretary at the time of Adriano, was able to access the imperial archives. In them was found correspondence between Caesar and Octavio Augusto, material that he used for his Lives of the twelve Caesars, his best known work.

This is the first of the eight books that make up the work, in which twelve biographies are narrated. Suetonius wanted to inform and amuse about imperial behavior. In that tone he will tell the life of Caesar, from before his rise to power until his death, passing through his life and customs.

Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare

What can be said about one of the best known works of the most famous English bard in the world. Shakespeare must have written it on 1599. Recreate the conspiracy against the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, his murder and its consequences. It is another of the many Shakespearean works based on historical events.. Its various versions in cinema and theater are a good substitute for the laziest with the classics, but it is an indispensable that must be read.

Cease. The definitive biography - Adrian Goldsworthy

Adrian goldsworthy is a British historian, specialist in classical world military history. In this biography touch all aspects of Césa's lifer, from his military and political achievements to his most relevant personal scandals and ambitions.

A great portrait of the figure of the one who knew how to rise from complete darkness to become the richest man in the world and hold a power capable of ending the Roman Republic. But at his death Caesar dominated almost the entire known world and that charisma endures after more than 2 000 years.

Where the hills howl - Francisco Narla

I have already recommended More than once this great books by this Galician writer of renowned prestige for his historical novels. And I do it again because its reading is ideal for these vacation days.

A group of legionaries faithful to Julius Caesar pose as vermin and offer themselves to a tribe of the ancestral Galicia to kill the wolves that are depleting their livestock. They want to be told the place of the mythical gold mines. From them the master of Rome will extract the precious metal with which he will submit to the Senate. But when they kill a pregnant wolf, the last surviving male, a cunning and huge wolf, will chase them to Rome itself to exact his revenge and truncate the secret plans of Julius Caesar.

Caesar - Colleen McCullough

This is the outcome of the pentalogy dedicated to the Ancient Rome of this successful Australian writer, passed away two years ago. Run the year 54 to. JC and Cayo Julio Caesar advance through the Gaul crushing the warrior kings that cross their path. His victories in the name of Rome are epic, but the leaders of the Republic fear their boundless ambition too much. How far can the most brilliant military man in Rome go? When Cato and the Senate betray him, Caesar, on the banks of the Rubicon River, makes the most important decision of his life: to turn against his ungrateful homeland.

Julius Caesar and lto the Gallic War - Anne-Marie Zarka

This picture book is inspired by Comments on the Gallic War written by Julius Caesar himself. It is intended for readers aged between eleven and fourteen years old and it is a very good introduction to the history of the Roman Empire. Each chapter includes games to sharpen attention and check comprehension of the story and vocabulary. There are also documentation pages to enrich your general culture and his knowledge of the time.

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