30 selected phrases about novels

Yes, it is August, but surely there are many authors hitting the key (or the pen and the notebook) with that novel they have in mind. Well there is dedicated this selection of 30 phrases by different authors on the definition and process of Write novels.

30 phrases about novels

  1. Writing a novel is like embroidering a tapestry with threads of many colors: it is an artisan work of care and discipline. Isabel Allende
  1. Starting to write a novel is like going to the dentist, because you kind of place yourself. Sir Kinsley Amis
  1. The novelist's job is to make the invisible visible with words. Miguel Angel Asturias
  1. A novel is balanced between a few true impressions and a multitude of false ones that make up what most of us call life. Saul bellow
  1. The novels have not been written by more than those who are incapable of living them. Alejandro Casona
  1. A Buddhist could never write a successful novel. His religion commands him: "Don't be passionate, don't say bad, don't think bad, don't look bad." William Faulkner
  1. Writing a novel is like traveling the world surrounded by people. Maria Granata
  1. Everything that a novelist lives or feels will fuel the insatiable bonfire that is his fictional world. Carmen laforet
  1. The greatest novelists, the really great ones, are significant in terms of the human consciousness they promote, awareness of the possibilities of life. R Leavis
  1. At the time a document about our time and statement of the problems of modern man, the novel must hurt the conscience of society with the desire to improve it. Ana Maria Matute
  1. The novel is practically a Protestant art form; it is a product of the free mind, of the autonomous individual. George Orwell
  1. I write novels to recreate life in my own way. Arturo Perez-Reverte
  1. If you caricature your friends in your first novel, they will be offended, but if you don't, they will feel betrayed. Mordecai richler
  1. Novelists are the gatekeepers of literature. Montserrat Roig
  1. Experience has taught me that there are no miracles in writing - just hard work. It is impossible to write a good novel with a rabbit's foot in your pocket. Isaac Bashevis Singer
  1. The reader can be considered as the main character of the novel, on an equal footing with the author; without it, nothing is done. Elsa triolet
  1. I am the novel. I am my stories. Frank Kafka
  1. The perfect novel would turn the reader away. Carlos Fuentes
  1. Life resembles a novel more often than novels resemble life. George Sand
  1. Every novel is a coded testimony; it constitutes a representation of the world, but of a world to which the novelist has added something: his resentment, his nostalgia, his criticism. Mario Vargas Llosa
  1. For me, to write a novel is to face steep mountains and to scale rock walls and, after a long and fierce struggle, to reach the top. Surpass yourself or lose: there are no more options. Whenever I write a long novel I have that image engraved in my mind. Haruki Murakami
  1. At present readers do not have the possibility to judge me and my novel in the harshest court that exists, that is, in their hearts and in their consciences. As always, this is the court by which I want to be tried. Wassily Grossman
  1. Everything in the novel belongs to the author and is the author. Carlos Castilla del Pino
  1. I try to make novels that make people uncomfortable in relation to what our society takes for granted. John Irving
  1. I have as important among all the concept that the novel is no longer a work of mere entertainment, a way to pleasantly deceive a few hours, amounting to social, psychological, historical study, but ultimately study. Emilia Parto Bazan
  1. Finishing a novel is something dramatic. The longer it takes to write the endings, the more I suffer. Achieving the end of a novel has something of a pulse, because you have been able to with it. Finishing it is like being evicted from your home. I confess that one of the most terrible moments of my life is the day after finishing a novel. Almudena Grandes
  1. In my novels there is everything that sometimes I did not know how to live. Those moments that passed and in which I would have liked to go one step further. A novel allows you to perfect those moments of life that you have missed, fast. Those moments when you need the ability to decide right away and say, "Yes, let's do it," and it often doesn't happen. The novel allows you to go back and make the right choice. Federico Moccia
  1. I try that my novels are works of art, as a great poem, a good painting or a good movie can be. I am not interested in political or moral issues. All I want is to make a beautiful object and put it in the world. John Banville
  1. I suppose that every novel is, ultimately, the attempt to trap the whole world in a book, even if by "whole world" you mean just a fragment, a corner, a trifle that happens in a second. Laura Restrepo
  1. The novels do not begin as one wants, but as they want. Gabriel García Márquez

Source: A century of dating. José María Albaigès Olivart and M. Dolors Hipólito. Ed. Planet

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