30 phrases by great authors about hate

Valentine's Eve. But there are also staunch enemy souls of good Valentine. Souls who would like to see it put to the knife with the Roman refinement of that time. Yes, there are rotten hearts, more than black, they beat to the rhythm of resentment, heartbreak, revenge and anger. In short, they beat just for hate. And they beat happy and satisfied.

Because everyone knows that hatred is the intimate enemy of love and vice versa. They complement each other as much as they feed on each other. And we can feel them with the same strength and passion. They move the world together and that is why they have filled pages and pages of stories real and invented. So today, at the gates of the feast of love, let's invite your best friend. We collect some phrases that also inspired these great of the letters.

Surely we all recognize that lump in the gut, throat and heart when reading these words.


1. Hate is a tendency to take advantage of all occasions to harm others. Plutarch
2. Openly professed hatred lacks the opportunity for revenge. Seneca
3. Let them hate me as long as they fear me. Lucio accio
4. I love betrayal, but I hate the betrayer. Julius Caesar
5. Take care that nobody hates you with reason. Marco Pontius Cato


6. More men unite to share the same hatred than the same love. Jacinto Benavente
7. He knew well about hatred, because the one who hates with tenacity knows how to recognize that same feeling in others and knows how to appreciate when an animosity is definitive and irreversible. Santiago Posteguillo
8. I have loved you too much not to hate you. Jean Baptiste Racine
9. Hatred is the anger of the weak. Alphonse Daudet 

10. When our hatred runs too deep, it places us below those we hate. François de La Rochefoucauld 

11. Hate is a drunkard at the back of a tavern, who constantly renews his thirst with drink. Charles Baudelaire

12. The smaller the heart, the more hatred it harbors.Victor Hugo

13. It is enough for one man to hate another for hatred to run through all of humanity. Jean Paul Sartre
14. Do not honor with your hatred who you could not honor with your love. Friedrich Hebbel
15. Hate is nothing more than a lack of imagination. Graham Greene 
16. When we hate someone, we hate in his image something that is within us. Hermann Hesse
17. Love and hate are not blind, but are blinded by the fire within them. Friedrich Nietzsche
18. Hate is the madness of the heart. Lord Byron
19. Hate is the revenge of an intimidated coward. George Bernard Shaw

20. Being able to hate and be hated without knowing each other is one of the advantages of this world. Alessandro manzini

21. Few people manage to be happy without hating another person, nation or creed. Bertrand Russell

22. Hatred is the most abominable chain with which a person can force others. Ugo FoscoloMore
23. I was willing to love the world, but nobody understood me, so I learned to hate. M. Lermontov 

24. Catharsis. Clean revenge. Aristotle wrote that the human soul is purged by fear and compassion evoked by tragedy. It is a terrifying thought that we fulfill the deepest desire of the soul through the tragedy of revenge, right? Jo Nesbø 

25. Persecutions, he says, the history of the world is full of them. Perpetuating national hatred between nations. James Joyce

26. If the masses can love without knowing why, they can also hate without much foundation. William Shakespeare


27. I believe that hatred is a feeling that can only exist in the absence of all intelligence. tennessee william
28. Any school boy can love like crazy. But hating, my friend, hating is an art. Ogden Nash
29. After love, the sweetest thing is hate. Henry longfellow

30. Love combined with hate is more powerful than love. Or that hate. Joyce carol oates

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