10 books that change your life

books that change you

Making book lists is a task that is always painful. When you are looking for transcendent texts it is even more complicated. That's why here, obviously, many books are left out. With this list we have tried to collect readings that deal with different aspects that improve our day to day or that teach us a new perspective to see life with renewed eyes.

we wanted select from a personal point of view books that can guide and help a large majority of the public, such as Japanese teachings. Although they seem to be in fashion now, they are still undiscovered for many. In no case do we hope that all these books can serve all people, but it is fine if you know them and we hope that one of them will awaken something for you. Let's go there!

The Power of Now (1997)

Author: Eckhart Tolle. Spanish edition: Gaia, 2007.

A book on spirituality highly praised by other authors, among which the Hindu lecturer and writer Deepak Chopra stands out. After more than two decades in the market, the enthusiasm of the readers has not waned. and millions of people have taken this guide that is defined as a path of illumination.

Why can it change your life? Because although ideas of enlightenment or the path of truth may cause mistrust and mistrust, The power of Now it is an amazing book capable of reaching an attunement with its readers. In short, this book reminds you to always be present, here and now, which will bring enormous benefits to your life.. It has a metaphysical point of view that from the outside may seem complicated; however, Eckhart Tolle gives you guidelines in simple language to connect with your being. A guide to say goodbye to your ego.

Man's Search for Meaning (1946)

Author: Victor Frankl. Spanish edition: Shepherd, 2015.

Viktor Frankl was a Jewish psychiatrist. and in Man's Search for Meaning recounts his experience as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. It also explains the logotherapy, his theory about what drives the human being to move forward. This is the will to live. It is a teaching about human cruelty and the harshness of what it means to live. However, life has a value that has no yardstick.

Why can it change your life? Because it is a true revelation. It gives you a point of view that you cannot even imagine. After reading it you will not see things the same way. An absolute lesson on human dignity that by its very essence can never be spoiled or taken away (although many have tried).

Ikigai: Japan's Secrets to a Long and Happy Life (2016)

Authors: Francesc Miralles and Héctor García. Edition: Uranus, 2016.

It is a guide that explains in a simple way why the longest, healthiest and happiest people are found on the isolated Japanese island of Okinawa. The best kept secret is called ikigai or reason for living. You can also get the continuation of this beautiful book, which is called the ikigai method. It will help you practice your ikigai with great examples of the best that the Japanese are capable of.

Why can it change your life? Because we all have an ikigai. Reaching and developing your passion will mean nothing more and nothing less than the meaning of your existence. If you wonder why you are here or if what you do makes any sense, this book is for you. Find your purpose.

Think Japanese (2022)

Author: Le Yen Mai. Spanish edition: Uranus, 2022.

I found this novelty in a bookstore a few weeks ago and it is a beauty of a book because dedicates each chapter to an ancient Japanese term that you can learn and benefit from today. One of them talks, of course, about ikigai, and has other fundamentals such as Kaizen, a philosophy that consists of doing small actions capable of changing your course. All of these precepts seek to align the body, mind and spirit, all that we are.

Why can it change your life? Because you will discover new concepts that are key to lead a healthier, wiser and more balanced life through very simple but not simplistic Japanese ideas. An oriental knowledge that is worth being shared and put into practice. It is a book full of wisdom that opens the door to Japanese philosophy to implement it in our lives.

Sapiens. From Animals to Gods (2011)

Author: Yuval Noah Harari. Spanish edition: Debate, 2015.

This book has revolutionized the informative essay in recent years. It is a journey through the history of humanity from our origins to the possibilities of an uncertain future. It will make us reflect on our present and see how we have reached the point where we are. in a very pleasant way skilfully develops an economic, political and spiritual synthesis that will interest all kinds of audiences in this book.

Why can it change your life? Because it will help you understand from our origins how we have become what we are; understanding our ancestors is understanding ourselves as a species. It is the fascinating story of humanity and how different factors have defined us. A captivating story from our supremacy as Has Sapiens 70000 years ago to today's consumerism.

Atomic Habits (2018)

Author: James Clear. Spanish edition: Planet, 2020.

Atomic habits is a book on time management with a particular method that marks the actions you must do or avoid to turn your life around through obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying habits. However, this guide is applicable to any area of ​​life and everything you set out to achieve.

Why can it change your life? Because it gives you the keys to banish bad habits and acquire good ones. It contains practical exercises that you can adjust to your objectives and tells you some truths that you may have forgotten, such as the construction of identity, or how powerful it can be to take an action and repeat it tirelessly. Then your path of change will have begun and you will not be able to turn back. The habit will become a constant.

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals (2022)

Author: Oliver Burkeman. Spanish edition: Planet, 2022.

We could have chosen many other books related to time management, but we have chosen this one because it accepts that time is limited. It doesn't try to get us into the current spiral because we can't get to everything. The book is an acceptance of time as one of the greatest assets that exist, but that we cannot possess. Moreover, time possesses us today. This is what this book talks about, the Spanish edition of which is not yet as well known as the English original (Four Thousand Weeks).

Why can it change your life? Because only by beginning to recognize that time is limited, that there are 24 hours in a day, can we begin to make healthier and more responsible use of it, choosing what we want to spend it on, what is really necessary to do, and… prioritize. Managing your life time will inevitably change it. Because, yes, life is short. What are you going to do with your time? Think fast.

The Magic of Order (2010)

Author: Marie Kondo. Spanish edition: Pocket-size, 2020.

Books on minimalism are also many and good. Fortunately, this philosophy of less is more is spreading in our society of hyperconsumption, but it was necessary to choose one and that is why We bring the guru of order, minimalism and simplicity: Marie Kondo! She is famous for her method konmari. We also recommend its second part, Happiness after order (2011) that you can buy in a double delivery together with the first part, The magic of the order.

Why can it change your life? because the method konmari it has already changed that of many other people. It is a method of transforming your space and your belongings. Keep only what you use and need, what you really love, and you will be much happier. Appreciating and valuing each personal object is a way of also thanking you for the time and effort you have dedicated to obtaining that piece. Simplifying the material objects in your home will also lead to a simpler and more orderly life.

The Four Agreements (1997)

Author: Miguel Ruiz. Edition: Uranus, 1998.

This is a Toltec wisdom book, an ancient civilization of Mesoamerica (southern Mexico). The author transmits ancient knowledge to eliminate beliefs that have been taking root in us and that only limit us. It is a kind of reminder based on four principles or agreements: 1) be impeccable with your words; 2) don't take anything personally; 3) don't assume; 4) always do your best.

Why can it change your life? Because With this brief manual you will remember the essential, that you are a free being with the ability to choose. Understanding this will make you more responsible and confident about what you want and what you don't want. You will find a healthy relationship with yourself and with the people around you to achieve balance and well-being.

The Art of Loving (1956)

Author: Erich Fromm. Spanish edition: Paidos, 2016.

This book belongs to the work of one of the most important thinkers of the 1900th century, Erich Fromm (1980-XNUMX). this author turns love as an irrational feeling or impulse, and positions it in a much more mature place. That is, it explains love from an active perspective of amar, not exclusively from to be loved. Transcending us to be able to love.

Why can it change your life? Because it teaches you to love, to understand that love is not about a feeling as we have been led to believe. But it is about an art that must be worked and perfected every day. That is not subject to the arbitrariness of the heart or a passion, but to a thoughtful and conscious decision.

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